COVID-19 pandemic a hoax! Guwahati based surgeon files FIR with CBI

News Desk: In a bizzare incident, 60 year old Satyakam Phukan a general surgeon hailing from Guwahati has called COVID-19 a hoax.

On June 18, Dr. Phukan filed an online FIR with CBI regarding the matter. He also marked a copy to the NIA.

In the FIR,he has requested the agency to take steps to ensure that people do not suffer in the name of the hoax.

To prove his claims, Dr. Phukan shared the links of several stories on COVID-19 published in the international independent media.

“It has come to my notice that the whole issue of the Corona/Covid-19 virus has been reported to be a hoax in the international independent media and has been reportedly exposed by many in America and Europe, although the same has not been reported so in the corporate media,” Dr. Phukan wrote in the FIR.

He also said that, as a doctor, he did not see any rationality in the kind of harassment meted out to people in the name of this “so-called disease”.

The CBI is yet to respond to the FIR filed by Phukan.

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