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Windows 11 – All you need to know about the new Operating System

Windows 11
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Bringing some remarkable changes in its operating system, Microsoft has unveiled its first big change in the Windows platform in over five years.
The all new Windows 11 is all set to change user experience and also the PC market.
The new Windows 11 is a free update for PCs with at least 4 GB memory.

Changes in Windows 11 –
Windows 11 has brought some changes in its operating system user interface (UI). However, the big new change is the fact Windows will now support Android apps. It will be enabled by tie-ups with e-commerce giants Intel and Amazon.
The Amazon AppStore will bring Android apps to the Windows devices.
Meanwhile, Intel Bridge will allow these apps to run on the different processors that Windows laptops are made on.
This will make the PCs more versatile.
Apps like TikTok, Yahoo and Uber will work with its new platform.
It also made TPM, a security feature that protects sensitive data, mandatory.

Importance of Windows 11 –
In the technology industry, an update in the version of Operating System (OS) means the time for sweeping changes and also paving for a route to future application and software developments.
With the all new Windows, there are expectations that developers and users will get new features they earlier could not avail.

Changes in Microsoft’s new Windows –
Apart from small UI changes, Microsoft has now inducted Teams into Windows 11.
This can be considered as a big step for Microsoft’s video collaboration platform.
The new Microsoft Store will allow the use of third-party commerce systems and keep 100 percent of the revenue they get from their apps and services.

The new changes introduced could be troublesome for giants like Apple and Google. The two giants have been facing pushback from developers for forcing their built-in payment tools on apps to collect commissions.


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