NK Sood Hints Underworld Link To Sushant Singh’s Death

NK Sood, Sushant Singh Rajput

National: NK Sood, the former officer of Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) made another shocking claim. Sood suggests that there could be an underground connection to the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The money transfer angle is a cover-up to confuse the police.
The claims came after the Supreme Court of India gave the nod to CBI to take over the actor’s case. The court has ordered Mumbai Police to hand over all the evidence collected so far to CBI.

NK Sood has been connecting Sushant’s death to the underworld in the past too. He claims that there is no doubt that the underworld has a major role in the actor’s death. Also, one cannot sideline the role of the actor’s staff.

The former R&AW officer without any proof of his allegations shared his theory. His theory states:
“There is an underworld link to Sushant’s death case. Criminals from the underworld do their work with precision and try their best to divert attention. We cannot rule out the role of his staff. They might have been given money to murder him or strangulate him to death. They might have been given assurance that they will be saved from the clutches of law. The murderers have also tried to deposit money into several accounts from Sushant’s account to divert attention so that the cops will lose focus from the main culprits. There is an atmosphere of fear in Mumbai. People are scared to speak out in the open due to gangsters.”

As for the CBI investigation, the team will look at this case from all angles. This also includes the angle of homicide and suicide. The team will conduct a thorough ‘scientific investigation’. However, they will not comment on the tweets by politicians and others.

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