Narendra Modi: Must Prevent Youths From Taking Wrong Path

Narendra Modi, IPS Probationers

Narendra Modi on September 4, interacts with IPS probationers through a video conference. The video conference was during the ‘Dikshant Parade Event’ at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad.
A total of 131 IPS probationers have completed their Phase-I training at the academy. This includes 28 women IPS Probationers. The Phase-I training is about 42 weeks of the basic course.
Two days ago, the government also made the announcement of Mission Karmyogi. The mission will bring major changes in the way of training civil services officers.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was also talking about issues of terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir. according to Narendra Modi, the government needs to prevent youths from taking the wrong path at an early stage. Women police will play an important role by involving other women of Jammu & Kashmir.
Narendra Modi also praised the work of Police during the COVID-19 pandemic. Modi stated that the face of the Khaki uniform has been engraved in the public. This is only due to the good work by the police during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The police must be proud of their uniform. However, they must not flex the power of their uniform. One must not lose respect for the Khaki uniform.

PM Modi also told the IPS probationers that in their profession, the factor to encounter something unexpected is very high. They must remain alert and prepare themselves for such encounters. The degree of stress is also very high and it is important to keep speaking to near and dear ones.
During the interaction, Modi also highlighted the importance of Yoga working under stressful conditions. Yoga and Pranayam are good for people working under stress.


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