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Fear of Death Means a Partially-lived Life

fear of death
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Often the fear of death comes up, intense and strong, and fear of having to leave all this beauty, friends & love.

However, the main question that arises in everybody’s mind is: How is it possible to relax in this certainty of death?
First, it’s possible to relax only when death is a certainty. Relaxing is difficult when things are uncertain.
If someone knows that he/she is going to die today, all fear of death will disappear.
There is no point in wasting time thinking about death. If we have one day to live; we must live it as intensely as possible, live as totally as possible.

Death cannot come to people who live intensely and totally. Even if it comes, those people who have lived totally welcome it as a great relief.
They are tired of living, they lived so totally and so intensely, so death comes like a friend. Just as after a whole day’s hard work night comes as a great relaxation, as a beautiful sleep, so does death come afterlife.
Death has nothing ugly about it; one cannot find anything cleaner than death.
Fear of having to leave it all comes only someone is not completely living in the moment. Otherwise, there is no time; there is no mind and also no space.

Once a merchant was asked, “How old are you?”
He replied, “Three hundred & sixty years old.”
The man could not believe it and asked again, “Please, repeat it. Perhaps I have not heard rightly.”
Merchant shouted and replied again, “Three hundred & sixty years old!”
The man said, “Forgive me but I cannot believe it. You don’t look more than sixty!”
Merchant said, “You are right. As far as the calendar is concerned I am sixty. But as far as my life is concerned I have lived six times more than anybody else. In sixty years, I have managed to live three hundred & sixty years. It depends on intensity.”

Conclusion: Don’t waste your time in trivia, but live, sing, dance, and love as totally and over-flowingly as you are capable of. No fears will interfere & you will not be worried about what will happen tomorrow.
Today is enough unto itself. Live life so full that it leaves no space to think about anything else. Life unlived welcomes worries and fears.
Live, love, and make each moment a deep ecstasy. Only then all fears will disappear.

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Harish Bhalla

About the Author: Dr.Harish Bhalla is a Senior Physician who is also known as the Culture Czar of the Capital of India. He is a Crusader against social evils- Drug & Alcohol Addiction. He is a regular prolific Blog writer on multiple subjects & thus called the ‘store house of Knowledge’. Dr. Bhalla is also the brother of prominent singer Subha Mudgal.

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