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Covid Third Wave to Hit Hard If We Make the Same Mistakes – NITI Aayog

Covid 19 third wave

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has started flattening in India. Many states have registered a significant dip in the number of daily infections and fatalities.

However, the NITI Aayog on Friday issued a fresh warning stating that the situation of Covid 19 in India has not yet improved.
Speaking to media, NITI Aayog member, Dr. VK Paul said –
“If we again start doing what we were doing as a society in December, January, the situation can again go into a difficult phase.

According to the Health Ministry’s data, there has been a decline of 68 percent in daily cases from May 7. The day when the highest peak of the second wave was reported.
Now, around 377 districts are reporting less than five percent case positivity and only 257 districts are reporting more than 100 daily Covid 19 cases.

According to experts, a third wave of Covid 19 pandemic in India is very much possible the way the second wave struck the country.
But its timing and impact is still unpredictable as it will depend on the lifting of restrictions and the extend of vaccine coverage etc.
It has also been predicted that the third wave might impact children the most. To cope up with these, state governments are instructed to ramp up their Covid care facilities for children.
The Centre has also issued guidelines for the care and protection of the children infected by Covid.

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