COVID-19 India; Tests Per Million Now More Than 27,000


New Delhi: The early identification of COVID-19 infections through timely and aggressive TESTING is very important. These factor is playing an important role in India’s strategy to fight the pandemic. The ‘TEST-TRACK-TREAT’ is a Centre led policy. Also, the collaborative efforts of the states and UT governments have led to ramping up the testing infrastructure. The testing is now at a capacity of 10 Lakh tests per day.

Expanded diagnostic lab network and facilitation for easy testing across the country have given a substantial boost. Building on this achievement, the Tests Per Million (TPM) have seen a sharp increase to 27,284. It continues to maintain a constant upward trend.

The number of recoveries in India on August 26 is more than the active cases by 3.5 times. For many days, the single-day recovery figure is more than 60,000. A total of 63,173 COVID-19 patients have recovered in the last 24 hours. The total cumulative recovery is now 24,67,758. Meanwhile, the total number of active cases in India is 7,07,267. On August 26, India’s Recovery Rate amongst the COVID-19 patients is more than 76% (76.30%).

The record high recoveries are positive signs that the active cases in India are gradually lowering. It currently comprises only 21.87% of total positive cases.
The Centre, state and UT governments are successful in the early detection through aggressive testing. The Case Fatality Rate is continuously regressing. Meanwhile, the Case Fatality Rate is at 1.84% on August 26.

There are now 1540 labs in India. To date, there are 992 government sector labs and 548 private labs. The labs include:
Real-Time RT PCR based testing labs: Government 460 and Private 330.
TrueNat based testing labs: Government 498 and Private 134.
CBNAAT based testing labs: Government 34 and Private 84.

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