US terms China as rogue citing border attack

International Desk: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday attacked China for its “rogue” attitude in its neighbourhood, specifically mentioning its recent border attacks against India.

During an online conference on democracy in Copenhagen, Denmark Pompeo said, “The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) has escalated border tensions with India, the world’s most populous democracy. It’s militarising the South China Sea and illegally claiming more territory there, threatening vital sea lanes.” During questions he also mentioned democracies and freedom-loving peoples of the world needed to come together to tackle China.

He also added, “General Secretary Xi Jinping has green-lighted a brutal campaign of repression against Chinese Muslims, a human rights violation on a scale we haven’t seen since World War II. Now, the PLA has escalated border tensions with India.”

Pompeo spoke a day after he expressed deep condolences to India on the death of 20 soldiers in violent clashes with Chinese troops at Galwan Valley in Ladakh on June 15.

The Secretary also said China was responsible for “pushing disinformation and malicious cyber campaigns so as to drive a wedge between the US and Europe.” The Chinese Communist Party wants to undo the progress the free world has made and adopt a new set of rules and norms that accommodate Beijing.
“lied about the coronavirus and let it spread to the rest of the world, while pressuring the WHO to assist its cover-up campaign. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, and the global economy has been decimated”, He claimed Beijing.

The US minister called for a collective response from the world’s major countries to what Beijing was doing. He warned that “China’s objective is in fact to single out and indeed to threaten to single out more directly”. “America is engaging in a response to Chinese Communist Party and aggression in a way that America has not done for the past 20 years” and said this was now a bipartisan position.

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