Russia Develops World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine


International: As a global race is in progress to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, Russia claims to have launched a coronavirus vaccine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday announced that Russia has successfully developed the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine.

“This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered,” Putin said in a televised video conference.

The Russian President said that the vaccine developed in the country has been registered for use and one of his daughters has also been inoculated. He also informed that the vaccine has proven efficient during the tests and offers a lasting immunity from the coronavirus. The President also emphasized that the vaccine underwent the necessary tests.

President Putin has asked the Health Minister of Russia to keep him informed about the vaccine.

According to reports, medical workers, teachers and other risk groups will be the first to be inoculated.

Russia has been pushing hard to quickly develop a coronavirus vaccine and said earlier this month it hoped to launch mass production within weeks and turn out “several million” doses per month by next year.

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