Five Rafale Fighter Jets Reach India From France

Five Rafales

News Desk: The first five Indian Air Force (IAF) Rafales that took off from France, on July 27 have reached India. The Rafale fighter jets arrived at Ambala airbase in Haryana after covering a distance of about 8500 km. IAF planned the journey in two phases which include Air to Air Refuelling and a single stop in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, two Sukhoi 30 MKIs escorted the Rafales.

Chief of Air Staff RKS Bhadauria received the fleet at Ambala.  IAF will officially induct the aircraft in the second half of August.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed the safe landing of the fleet of  Rafale jets. He also tweeted a video of the five Rafale jets touchdown at the Ambala AirBase.

The Defence Minister also congratulated the IAF for executing the operation without any hassle.

The police have surrounded the Ambala Airbase. This measure has been taken on the request of the IAF to prevent any photography and videography of the arrival of the aircraft. Meanwhile, Section 144 has also been imposed in four villages close to the airbase.

This is India’s first major acquisition of fighter planes in over two decades. This development comes nearly 4 years after India signed an agreement with France to procure 36 of the fighter aircraft under a  Rs 59,000-crore deal.

Rafale specs:

  • Twin Jet Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
  • Length: 50ft Wingspan: 36ft
  • Max Speed: 2223 km/h
  • Combat radius: 1700 km
  • Range: 3500 km with Drop tanks
  • Air to Air, Air to Ground, Anti Shipping, Nuclear Missiles.

Rafales can carry out a wide range of missions: Air-defence/air-superiority, Reconnaissance, close air support dynamic targeting, Air-to-ground precision strike/interdiction, anti-ship attacks, nuclear deterrence, buddy-buddy refuelling.

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