China Funding Anti-India Protests Along Indo-Nepal Border

Anti-India protest, China, Indo-Nepal border

China has paid about Rs. 2.5 crore to various organizations in Nepal. China is paying in Nepal currency to various organizations to carry out demonstrations against India. The demonstration is along the Indo-Nepal border which stretches over 1,700 Km.
According to intelligence agencies, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal is providing funds to carry out anti-India protests and demonstrations.
The relation between India and Nepal is in strain after the increase of China’s influence in Nepal. The main spark of the diplomatic row between India and Nepal was after India’s road construction to Lipulekh. Lipulekh is a tri-junction between India, Nepal, and China at the Kalapani Valley in Uttarakhand. Lipulekh is about 17,000 feet above sea-level. The construction of the road was for shortening travel time for pilgrims visiting Kailash Mansarovar.

Contesting the area as their own, Nepal brought out a new political map. However, India rejected the new map. According to India, Nepal has no historical facts or evidence. The new political map of Nepal features Kalapani, Lipulekh, and Limpiyadhura areas as their own.
According to another source, Nepal is increasing its force deployment across the Indo-Nepal border. They also plan to increase the number of border posts (BOPs) from 120 to 500 along the border.

China has taken this relation between India and Nepal as an opportunity. There is already a border dispute between India and China. The ‘Red-Dragon’ country has been increasing its deployment of troops in the Eastern Ladakh border. China had already deployed 150 Light Combined Armed Brigades. They are also reinforcing troops in Pala, which is about 10 Km from the Indian border.

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