Beirut blast: Burj Khalifa and Giza Pyramids light up in solidarity

Burj Khalifa
Illuminated Burj Khalifa and Giza Pyramids in solidarity with Lebanon. (Twitter)

A massive explosion ripped through Lebanon’s capital city Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least a hundred and injuring thousands. People from all across the world took to social media to stand in solidarity with Beirut. #PrayForBeirut and #PrayForLebanon were among the top trends on Twitter.

Following the blasts, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and the Giza Pyramids in Egypt paid tribute and were illuminated with the colours of Lebanese flag, in a gesture of solidarity with Lebanon.

The official Twitter handle of the world’s tallest building shared a picture of the lit-up building. “Burj Khalifa lights up in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Lebanon,” said the tweet.

The illuminated pictures of Giza pyramids also took rounds on social media.

People from all over India also took to their social media and stood in solidarity with Lebanon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter, “Shocked and saddened by the large explosion in Beirut city leading to loss of life and property. Our thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families and the injured.”

According to news reports, people in Beirut felt the explosion as a nuclear blast. However, the local media has ruled out this and said the explosion took place in a warehouse of ammonium nitrate. Many prominent places of interest got ripped-off in the blast and it is estimated that half of the city is damaged.

This blast came at the time when Lebanon is dealing with the acute economic depression, the outbreak of novel coronavirus and external diplomatic pressure from Israel amidst the conflict of Hezbollah group in the southern border.

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Written by Nilutpal Timsina

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