Scar On The Uniform; Irresponsible Behaviour By a Group of Police Officials

News Desk: Guwahati is under complete lockdown. Police personnel are guarding the city in such a way, that not even a breeze can pass through undetected. Severe punishment has been inflicted on the violators and all citizens are stuck indoors. A number of Police Officers have been affected by the virus and have landed up in quarantine centers. They have also helped the society in this crisis.

Just when the citizens have started acknowledging the efforts of the Men in Uniform, the irresponsible behavior of a marginal group of Senior Police Officers has spoilt the good work.  It has been reported that, in the midst of the complete lockdown, a small group of 15-20 Senior Police Officers of Guwahati organized a get together in T.F. DAMODAR, a ship owned by the Inland Water Transport Department of Assam one evening.

Liquor was served, music was played, the party continued till late night. Social distancing was nowhere to be seen and COVID-19 protocols were crushed under the carpet. It is still unknown how the liquor was procured and served. Also, who gave the consent to organize the party in the Government-owned ship during the lockdown is still a mystery.

A few civilian friends of that unruly group also attended the night party and their actions during the complete lockdown is just a mockery of the rules. When officially contacted, the C.P Shri Munna Prasad feigned complete ignorance about the incident and denied any such departmental gathering.

Just when the city is in a state of fear and anxiety, the irresponsible behavior by a small group of cops has not gone well with the citizens. The rank and file of Police personnel have put in sincere efforts in ensuring compliance with the Safety measures. That is widely acknowledged and appreciated. But it doesn’t entitle a section of the power dischargers, to blatantly violate the rules and throw caution to the winds.

The Police are there to protect the rules, they are not supposed to break it themselves. The irresponsible behavior of a few really has put a scar on the uniform of the otherwise disciplined forces.

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