Good News For North-Guwahatians; Ropeway Will Be Launched Soon

News Desk: Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the ropeway connecting Guwahati and North-Guwahati is to be launched soon which is constructed across the mighty river Brahmaputra. Construction of the long-awaited ropeway is complete and will soon be launched by the State Government.

According to officials, the soon to be launched ropeway will consist of 2 lanes and the time taken to cross the river will be reduced to only 8 minutes. At least 30 passengers can cross the river at once. The ropeway will be of at least 9 Km long and is said to be the longest ropeway in India.

The contract for construction was given to Kolkata based Samir Damodar Ropeway Company. The construction company received ₹ 17 Lakh and 10 Thousand for the contract. Also, the State government gave a fund of ₹ 4 Crore 75 Lakh to GMDA for the ropeway construction. According to reports, the materials used for the construction have been imported from Switzerland.

About 55 CCTV cameras have been installed for swift monitoring of the ropeway and for the safety of the passengers.

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