Pratiksha Hospital Witnesses COVID Positive Including Doctor And Technician

News Desk: Pratiksha hospital of Guwahati has been found out with COVID patients. A pregnant woman admitted to the hospital was tested positive with a doctor as well as an OT technician, all tested with COVID positive.

The hospital authorities were not strict about it and is still continuing its operations under normal conditions without being properly sanitized. The woman was admitted to Pratiksha hospital was undergoing several tests during which she was found COVID positive.

On finding her to be positive in Pratiksha hospital, everyone else was tested and the result came out with a doctor and an OT technician as positive. The woman was then was taken to GMCH for another test where she was found COVID negative.

The doctor, Pranjit Talukdar of OT department was admitted to GMCH for further treatment whereas the OT technician is home quarantined. The hospital authorities are yet not strict towards it and there are chances that the situation can worsen as it is continuing its operations at full-fledged means.

According to sources, there are no strict measures undertaken as it is not sanitized properly and from pharmacies to atm and all sort of activities around it are going on under normal conditions.

Nirmal Kr. Hazarika, Superintendent of Pratiksha Hospital exclusively speaks to Headline8 that Doctor Pranjit Talukdar and technician Kankan Barman of OT department have been tested positive. Doctor Pranjit Talukdar was admitted to GMCH for further treatment.

On the other hand General Manager Sharakshar Kaushik claims of no COVID patients being found in Pratiksha hospital and the incident being void.

There is a mismatch of information as a diverse range of claims are made by hospital authorities.


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