No Bolbom Celebration Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Guwahati: The temple authorities of Guwahati has decided to cancel the Bolbom in Sukreswar Dewalay celebrated in the month of July amid the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier, they have canceled Ambubachi.

The president of temple authority Suresh Chandra Bhattacharya has confirmed that no Bolbom celebration amid Covid-19 pandemic. He also added, “During celebration of Bolbom there huge gathering of people in Sukreswar Dewalay, Basistha Dewalay, Janardan Dewalay and Baneshwar Dewalay.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the temple authorities has decided to cancel the Bolbom in this year. President of temple authority Bhupesh Sarma, president of Baneshwar Dewalay Pranab Goswami, Amio Sarma the president of Basistha Dewalay, Kumud Sarma the president of Janardan Dewalay were present in the press meet held on today.

This is the first in the history that such festivals like Ambubachi, Bolbom etc will not be celebrated across the country due to the rising cases of COVID-19.

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