Irresponsible Guwahatians: Not even 10 percent of people wear masks or follow social distancing norms

Guwahati: The number of corona positive cases in Guwahati is increasing in a frightening manner. Health Minister of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma addressed a press meet today and said that not even 10 percent of Guwahatians wear masks or the social distancing norms. Even in a busy happening place like G.S. Road, people roam around without wearing masks.

Dr. Sarma also stated that even the responsible people do not warn the irresponsible ones when they see them without a mask on while crossing by in the streets.

This kind of situation doesn’t exist in any other part of the country except Guwahati. Ever since the Unlock started people have been thronging the streets carelessly, gathering in groups, going to restaurants. People are still not careful. As a result of this situation prevailing in the city, the increasing number of corona positive cases is not irregular, Dr. Sarma said.

If the people themselves are not aware, the Government cannot do much. If the number of positive cases goes on increasing in this pattern, the Government will be forced to admit the COVID-19 positive patients in other hospitals. This would be a big challenge for the government, Dr. Sarma addressed in the press-meet.

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