Iconic Borthakur Clinic Ordered To Vacate; Massive Landslide Threatens Lives

News Desk: The Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M) Biswajit Pegu today has ordered the owner of Borthakur Clinic and Hospital to vacate the hospital building.

A massive landslide on the hillock which houses the Rajbhawan was triggered due to continuous rainfall. The landslide now threatens to cause serious damage to the historic Borthakur Clinic.

The order was circulated due to excessive loosening of the earth near Rajbhawan in Guwahati. The order was circulated considering the safety and security of the lives of patients and hospital staff and doctors.

DC’s order states, “Whereas, it has been observed that the incessant rainfall for the last few days in Guwahati has caused gradual land sliding of the back part of Rajbhawan at Kharghuli, Guwahati. The Guard wall of Rajbhawan at that part is in such a vulnerable position that it may fall at any time and may cause damage to the lives and properties of the patients, doctors, paramedical staff of Borthakur Clinic and Hospital which is situated just below Rajbhawan.

Considering the above fact and in view of the safety and security of the lives and properties of the patients as well as doctors and other staff, I, Sri Biswajit Pegu, IAS, Deputy Commissioner and Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority, Kamrup Metropolitan District under the powers conferred upon me under Section 30, 2 (xxiii) of the Disaster Management Act 2005 hereby direct the proprietor of Borthakur Clinic and Hospital, Kharghuli, Guwahati to vacate the hospital building immediately. Moreover, the patients who are still under treatment in the hospital are to be shifted to nearby Hospital with immediate Effect.”

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