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Guwahati: Containment Zone Withdrawn from Three Wards

containment zone withdrawn from three wards
Containment zone withdrawn from three wards. Image credit: Indrajit Das

Containment zones in Ward no. 8, 16, and 28 in Guwahati have now been withdrawn after the gradual decrease in the COVID-19 positivity rate.

The order by District Disaster Management Authority however stated that people of the said three wards will need to maintain COVID-19 protocols in a strict manner in order to not spread the virus further.

Details of the three wards –
WARD 28:
• Northern Side of Ajanta Path to Basistha Road Junction point, up to Hatigaon Chariali.
• Western Side of Basistha Road to Chandan Nagar Road to Tangora Satra Wooden Bridge
• Eastern Side of Rukmini Bahini River to NH37 brdige in Basistha Chariali.
• North of NH37 upto Basistha Road.
• Eastern Side of Basistha Road upto southeastern extreme boundary of Basistha village of Basistha Road.

Containment zones withdrawl
Image source: Representative

WARD 16:
• On the northern side AK Dev Road to Ambari Tinali up to Morabhorolu and Lakhara.
• On the eastern side, Morabhorolu up to glass factory to Lakhara road, the eastern side of Lakhara road to Dhuboria road
• On the southern side, Lakhara to Dhuboria road from bye lane 2 up to Morabhorolu.
• On the western side, Morabhorolu to bye lane 2 from Dhubolia, Itabola junction to AK Road to Ambari Temple.

WARD 08:
• On the northern side, the central line of Brahmaputra to the back of Sonaram field up to Kedar road.
• On the eastern side, Kedar road to AT road up to Chabipool and Satijoymoti road.
• On the southern side, east of Netaji Subhas Road upto Fatasil Bridge upto GS Colony road.
• On the western side, River Bharalu to AT Road to Sonaram field.

Earlier on May 5, the three wards including few others were declared containment zones after a spike in the number of Covid positive cases in the wards.
Kamrup Metro District Administration had set a benchmark 0f 400 active Covid cases to declare a ward as containment zone.

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