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Dispur Flood; At least 30,000 People Affected

News Desk: Many places in the Dispur constituency are still flooded. Due to the recent rains, the floodwaters of the Brahmaputra have flooded many areas of the Dispur area. As a result, many people have to leave their homes and spend the day in shelters. The water level in some parts of the constituency has been declining for the past two days, although there is still flooding in many places.

It is learned that most of the flood-affected people in the village are living in shelters at Chandrapur, Gowali Barbila, and Dhipuji.

Currently, there are 100 families in the camp. More than 30,000 people have been affected by the catastrophic floods in the region. The floodwaters are so fierce that only the roofs of the houses in the area remain exposed. As a result, they have to give up everything and live in a shelter camp.
Several organizations have been complaining that till now the government has given only a handful of assistance. The organizations also demanded the administrations to extend a helping hand to the people.

Due to the threat posed by the floods, the animals in the region are facing a significant food crisis. In the meantime, many cows and goats have been reported dead. In many parts of the constituency, flooding is declining, although flooding is still rampant in the villages. Therefore, the affected people have demanded that they should be compensated and provided with appropriate facilities in the asylum camps.

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