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Death of 12 Covid patients within 24 hours in GMCH creates sensation

covid 19 patient death in GMCH
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In an unfortunate incident, 12 Covid patients died within the last 24 hours at Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH).
The news of the death of the Covid patients has been confirmed by Abhijit Sarma, GMCH Superintendent.

Clarifying to a tweet posted by senior journalist Atanu Bhuyan, Dr. Sarma stated that the patients were critical and died within 24 hours of admission, moreover, their deaths were not sudden.
He further informed that nine patients out of the 12 were in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the other three were in general ward. Two if the patients died in the emergency ward.
Dr. Sarma also informed that none of the cases were vaccinated for Covid 19. Moreover, their saturation levels were also below 90 percent during arrival at GMCH.

While replying to a Tweet of Atanu Bhuyan, Dr. Sarma shared a data sheet stating –
“These patients are not sudden death.They were critical cases 9 in ICU other 3 in ward who died within 24 hrs of admission.2 died in emergency.None of the cases were vaccinated with saturation less then 90% on arrival to Gmch.See the record sheet I am attaching.”

Among the 12 Covid patients who died in GMCH, ten were between the age 50-58.
Meanwhile, five patients were male.

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