Covid-19: An opportunity to serve humanity

News Desk: Lockdown was imposed as a result of the widespread pandemic of 2020 known as Coronavirus. It took away lives and led to people getting locked up in their houses.

At a time when the world was on its pace towards growth and development in order to make it a better and futuristic place, this pandemic suddenly ruined it all and came as a threat to lives of people.

Amid the pandemic when people had to lock themselves in their houses, there were workers who lost their jobs and were starving for a day of meal. They were in a crisis in order to return to their homes. They had no option as millions lost employment.

This was the time when the global economy was at crisis. From MNC’s to other public and private sector companies, all had to close operations due to which people lost employment and it posed a threat to the economy.

Even media houses who earn enough to be able to generate employment were unable to support their own employees. Amid lockdown, internet service providers, media houses, social media were not needed to be shut down although they had to maintain some limitations. But they were unable to support their employees and tried to reduce their number. It was devastating for many as people lost their meals.

But amid all these, Headline 8 was very fortunate enough to seek the opportunity to generate employment. It came out with an array of hope for the people. Not only it revived confidence but sought to provide authentic and valuable information to the people with hard work and dedication. We were able to support our people either and had the opportunity to serve jobs to around 50 youths and revived their confidence. We are happy to inform that our supporters are increasing and we are able to gain the trust of people with time and will always be serving the public.

Ishan Kataki, MD Headline8 says, “We seek the opportunity of delivering genuine information to the people without any disruptions and leave no one behind. We seek to create a new future and way of looking at media as a term out of the box.”


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