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ULFA-I Releases Seven Demands and Terms for OIL, ONGC and IOC

ULFA I demands

ULFA-I led by Paresh Baruah released a statement on May 14. The statement clearly states ONGC, IOC, and Oil India Limited to comply with some of their demands.

The demands of the outlaw group are:
Demand 1 – To provide proper information about the Oil companies’ exploitation of Assam’s natural resources. And also provide detailed information about how much percentage of profit Assam received from the Oil companies.
Demand 2 – To provide reservation to indigenous Assamese at the Managing Director post in all the Oil companies in Assam.
Demand 3 – To organize all the examinations in Assam for all the posts in Oil companies. And to provide 95 percent job reservation to indigenous Assamese.
Demand 4 – Few miscreants of Oil companies (even indigenous Assamese) are engaged in the ‘cash for job’ racket. They demand Rs. 40 lakhs for a job as a fourth-grade employee. Almost 80 percent of posts in Oil companies are recruited in this manner.
ULFA-I demands all the Oil companies to stop the ‘cash for jobs’ racket and to track down all the person engaged in such.

ULFA demands
Demands of ULFA-I
Image source: Internet

Demand 5 – To stop the contractual basis jobs and provide permanent jobs.
Demand 6 – To provide cooking gas to all the households in all the villages of Assam.
Demand 7 – To stop contributing funds to private unions and various party organizations on festive eves. Each Oil company must provide Rs. Five crores every year as fund for people during any natural disaster.

ULFA demands
Demands of ULFA-I
Image source: Internet

ULFA-I Commander-in-Chief Paresh Barua has also informed that if all the Oil companies agree to all the demands, then the outlaw group will avoid all its militant operations against the companies.

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