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Sivasagar hosts ‘Rice Varietal Cafeteria’ – Better Days Ahead for Paddy Farmers

Rice Varietal Cafeteria
Rice Varietal Cafeteria

On Wednesday, the SDO (Civil) of Nazira, Sabyasachi Kashyap inaugurated a ‘Rice Varietal Cafeteria’ (RVC) under the Assam Agri-Business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) at Chengdhora village, under Nagaon ADO Circle in Nazira subdivision.

RVCs are exhibitions of targeted rice varieties of a particular place that help the farmers and other stakeholders to evaluate and select a suitable variety of rice. Such selection can be as per their needs, which includes the climate of the place, soil quality, irrigation facilities, etc. This is the first-ever RVC inaugurated in the Sivasagar district. The Agriculture Department has plans to come up with two more RVCs in the district in the coming days.
At today’s RVC, a total of 10 varieties of rice, including hybrid as well as local, were exhibited.
Mr. Kashyap himself transplanted rice seedlings with the farmers while inaugurating the program today. Underlining the importance of such programs, he said that these kinds of initiatives by the Agriculture Department would surely generate interest among the youth to take up various agricultural projects professionally.

Apart from the youths becoming economically self-sufficient, the economy of the region too would develop if farming is practiced through proper and scientific ways, said Mr. Kashyap. He also added that since the monsoon season has set in, such RVCs would offer farmers the technical know-how about rice cultivation which would improve productivity as well as the quality of their produce.

The ‘Rice Varietal Cafeteria’ initiative is an effective method for disseminating high-yielding varieties and improved technologies among rice farmers countrywide. RVCs also has been found effective in generating awareness among farmers in choosing the proper methods of cultivation. RVCs are generally conducted on government land or farmers’ fields where the farmers and stakeholders themselves compare and select one or more varieties that have been identified as suitable for growing on their lands.

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