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Security beefed up at Assam Mizoram Border

Tension has gripped the Assam-Mizoram border village of Gutguti.

The agitation intensified following the construction of a temporary shed of a police camp by the Mizoram police personnel.

However, the Mizoram government had claimed that the land where the police camp shed was built belonged to Mizoram.

Mizoram government also stated that its forces are ready to strike at any time if the Assam side makes any further encroachment on its territory. The situation of the Assam-Mizoram border is now getting a more serious matter of concern for the administrations of three districts of Barak valley.

However, the residents of bordering Gutguti village mainly dominated by the Reang community is spending sleepless nights due to the constant threat and encroachments of Assam land by the neighbour.

High-security alerts have been placed and more than 200-250 police battalions of Mizoram police are engaged in the construction of a shed for the camp around three kilometres inside the Assam land.

The situation of the Khulicherra area of the district is getting more flaring up. Meanwhile, people from Mizoram have entered up to 6.5 kilometres of Assam land, following which the Assam Police along with civil administration carried out an eviction drive.

However, around 300 Assam Police personnel have been placed on the border to prevent any bid of encroachment from the Mizoram side.


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