Power Minister Bimal Bora makes a number of important announcements

Bimal Bora

Assam Power Minister Bimal Bora held a press meet at Bijulee Bhawan in Guwahati. The minister talked about many important points and made a number of announcements.

Here are the key highlights of the press meet:

  • The department has taken a number of steps to increase revenue collection.
  • Some new steps have been adopted in the field of bill collection and metering.
  • The power department has to bear an expense of Rs 507 crore per month.
  • The revenue collected in February, March, April, May and June (till June 27) are Rs 331 crore, Rs 286 crore, Rs 276 crore, Rs 291 crore and Rs 416.66 crore respectively. The department is trying to collect Rs 507 crore in June.
  • A total of 124 cases of power theft have been reported in Assam and the department has collected Rs. 11.75 crore from them.
  • If any person comes across power theft, they need to immediately contact the power department or report it by calling 1912. The identity of the informer will be kept anonymous.
  • From now on, customers will receive the bills by the 10th of every month.
  • Customers having unpaid bills amounting to Rs. 30,000 can pay it in 10 installments and unpaid bills between Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000 can be paid in 15 installments.

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