Pigs also an avatar of Lord Bishnu, pig slaughter should be banned too claims Congress MP Abdul Khaleque

Congress MP Abdul Khaleque
Abdul Khaleque during the press meet in Guwahati.

Congress MP from Barpeta Abdul Khaleque on Wednesday held a press meet regarding the controversial Assam Cattle Preservation Bill 2021.  He expressed displeasure over the BJP introducing the bill on the first day of the budget session of the assembly and accused the government of playing dirty politics by introducing the bill just before Eid.

Indicating that the proposed bill will encourage “syndicate raj” in the state, Khaleque said, “Through the provision on the restriction of transportation of cattle as mentioned in the bill, I believe it will encourage a new permit and syndicate system in the state.”

The MP also said that he would have no objection if the ban on beef and beef products was at a radius of 1 km from the religious institutions. “If they do that, it will not be a bad move as it will project it as a balanced restriction. But the five-km radius restriction looks as if they are taking forward their (BJP) agenda,” he said.

Demanding a ban on the slaughter of pigs, MP Abdul Khaleque said, “Fish and pig are the incarnations of Lord Bishnu. If cows cannot be slaughtered because of Hinduism, then why are fishes and pigs slaughtered?”

In reference to the cattle preservation bill, Khaleque also demanded the introduction of a bill for the prohibition of liquor in the state.

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