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Performance Grading Index: Assam, Mizoram among Worst Performers

Performance grading index
Classroom of Panbazar Adarsha Prathomik Vidyalaya Image Credit: Indrajit Das

Ministry of Education has ranked five North-Eastern states including Assam as the worst performers in regards to the school education system and quality.

In a Performance Grading Index released for the season 2019-20, the Ministry of Education has ranked five Northeastern States namely –
• Assam,
• Mizoram,
• Arunachal Pradesh,
• Nagaland and
• Meghalaya as the worst performer in regards to the school education system and quality.

How Performance Grading Index Works?
The score in the performance grading index is derived using databases on 70 parameters, some of which include –
Infrastructure and facilities, access, equity, governance processes, and learning outcomes. These parameters are mostly self-reported by the States but evaluated by the Centre, with National Achievement Survey data being incorporated with it.

As per the Performance Grading Index –
• Meghalaya is placed at the bottom of the chart with just 649 points.
• Assam at the 31st rank with 738 points.
• Mizoram at 32nd rank with 723 points.
• Tripura is the best Northeast State and placed at the 20th spot with 801 points.

What does Performance Grading Index Reflect?
The PGI grading system has 10 levels –
• Level 1 indicates top-notch performance and a score between 951 and 1,000 points.
• Level 2, also known as Grade 1++, indicates a score between 901 and 950. Those with Grade 1+ (or Level III) have scored between 851 and 900.
• The lowest is Grade VII, and it means a score between 0 and 550 points.

Moreover, according to the PGI report released by the Ministry of Education, most of the states and UTs have improved their grade in PGI 2019-20 compared to earlier years.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Puducherry; Punjab and Tamil Nadu have improved overall PGI score by 10 percent with 100 or more points reportedly. Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Odisha have shown more than 10 percent improvement in the domain of equity.

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