NSUI Delegation Meets Akhil Gogoi’s Mother

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News Desk: A delegation of NSUI, Assam Unit (led by Jorhat District President Krishanu Baruah), met the mother of KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi, who is in prison for the last 8 months. Gogoi was sent to jail because of his role in the Anti-CAA movement as his revolutionary activities irked the party in power.

While this delegation communicated with the mother of Gogoi, she expressed her pang with tears. This delegation assured Akhil’s mother that the rationalist people of Assam are always with Akhil Gogoi. They have their moral support in favor of the revolutionary zeal of Akhil Gogoi.

NSUI deeply believes that people of Assam will give a befitting reply to the party in power in the ensuing elections.

NSUI also participated in the CAA movement and it always denounces the oppressive measures to gag the democratic voices of the people. Akhil Gogoi is a symbol of dissent and protest. He raises his voice whenever injustice is done.

NSUI stands in favor of impartial justice. Any attempt to keep political opponents in custody by imposing several numbers of cases is against the principle of democracy. The growth of democracy depends upon the right to protest and dissent. In such circumstances, if the party in power tries to stymie the dissenting voices such action is certainly detrimental.

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