Indian Awaz Foundation launches its ‘Gift for future’ campaign this ‘World Environment Day’ 2021

The campaign goes by the theme of a pledge to plant in order to balance the perpetual hegemony that man has over nature.

To mark the occasion of the celebrated ‘World Environment Day, the Indian Awaz Foundation has initiated a campaign that is a pledge to support and safeguard the very world we live in and the air we breathe. The campaign goes by the theme of a pledge to plant in order to balance the perpetual hegemony that man has over nature. One pledge and the impact it could make is paramount. The theme stresses the basic need to take a step forward and tag along as many people as possible towards the same. Its primary focus is to promote awareness for our environment and to remind ourselves of our significant role in contributing to our mother earth.

IAF has been actively holding various developmental works under its shadow and the ‘Gift For Future’ campaign is being hosted with the same objective at hand. 5th June is widely observed as World Environment Day every year but the essence of the day remains limited to that one single day itself. To restore a sustainable environment for our survival, IAF wants the audience to do their part and be responsible for a better and healthy nature.

With the sole concern of garnering a wide reach and yielding satisfactory results, the Indian Awaz Foundation has lined up a list of influencers and change-makers for the task. The campaign includes a pledge to be taken to plant. We will be playing on behalf of those we pledge. The plantation will be conducted in the flood-affected areas of Assam.

Critical times demand critical attention and the environmental crisis is a real challenge. IAF has raised this campaign with the objective to acknowledge our environment for the survival of the human race. ‘Gift For Future’ is an effort to give back our nature what it owes from the entire mankind. To plant more and to find environmentally effective measures without destroying the ecosystem is the need of the hour.

The campaign is an attempt to raise the issue of global concern. And we must work together to make it a success so that we can wake up to a tomorrow with lesser oxygen cylinders and more oxygen-giving plants. It’s a gift for future generations. To encourage the initiative, IAF requires massive participation for the cause and requests everyone to participate.

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