Humanity springs as Baghjan gets devastated

News Desk: With the recent tragedy of Baghjan leading to the destruction of the area, its resources as well as the loss of lives and livelihood for the people an awareness was created to let people know about the sufferings of the residents. A group was created with youth including students and alumni with the motto People for people to reach out to the victims of Baghjan tragedy with a helping hand. Rohit Saikia from Duliajan and Prinjee Baruah from DoomDooma were leading the group for the noble purpose. They have witnessed the collective efforts of people coming forward to uplift the situation for the people of Baghjan and their team is wholeheartedly thankful to all the people for the positive gesture and help in cash and kind.

They also inform us that they have collected a total amount of Rs. 1.19lakhs, and that is entirely their contribution to the cause. Rohit Saikia and his team said, “We did not expect that people locally and across the globe would join us in these relief efforts, and for that we feel blessed. People’s contributions helped us collect this massive amount. I would also like to thank you for sending various essential items like food and clothing for the effected people. Also, heartfelt gratitude to the people who volunteered and made these efforts possible in the first place.”

They also added this team is not related to any political party or organization in any shape or form. They are all young people coming from various walks of life, just trying to make the world a better place, bit by bit.

As Swami Vivekananda once said ” A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built”. And these words were nothing less than an inspiration. Throughout the duration of these efforts, they have say that they were mesmerized by how effective youth power is, how potent of a mixture it becomes when like minded individuals come together to help the people that need it the most. This also made us to realise how a youth-led society can help reduce the load on the government and eventually make for more effective governance on the part of the authorities. So, they urge aspiring young people to come out with a clearer vision for the upliftment of the society, as there is a lot of potential for change in the hands of this generation.

There was news circulating that Oil India LTD., discouraged people to come and help them as they claimed they were sufficiently providing help for the people of Baaghjan and that there was absolutely no need for outside people to forward a helping hand. In this regard their question to OIL is that whenever something tragic happens to our fellow brother and sisters, isn’t it our duty to lend them a helping hand? If yes, then why not this time? Are those people not our brothers and sisters? Answer is, despite OIL’s view point, everyone is concerned about them and everyone did come and lend a BIG helping hand.


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