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Fact Check: Video Remarks on CAA by Aimee Baruah Were Doctored

Aimee Baruah viral video
Aimee Baruah Image Source: Twitter

Fact check:
Aimee Baruah’s remarks were distorted, as the actress did not mention that CAA nominees would be expelled from Assam.

Recently a viral video before the day of 1st phase of the election has created chaos among many. The viral video shows actress Aimee Baruah giving a public speech mentioning that all the people who will not support might be sent to other countries.

Below is the unedited video of Aimee Baruah:

Since the day the video went viral, Aimee Baruah has been seen getting trolled on social media.
A comment made by the actress at a public meeting on March 25 was widely discussed. Actress remarks regarding CAA while participating in the election campaign for her husband and Jagiroad BJP candidate Pijush Hazarika.
In a video released, some claimed that Aimee Baruah had said in her speech that “all the people who will not support CAA will be deported from Assam and India.”

After finding out the original video we’ve seen that the actress has not mentioned that people who don’t support CAA will be deported from India. Instead, we found in the original video that, she said,
“Bengalis living in Assam and India will be expelled from Assam and India if they don’t Support CAA or Citizenship Amendment Act.”

The Conclusion:
Comparing the original video with the doctored video, it can be seen that several lines from Aimee Baruah’s original video were clipped out and were doctored into another video.
The doctored video of actress Aimee Baruah was spread widely by a few Media houses of Assam.

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