BJP Government will be eradicated in 2021: Tarun Gogoi

Headline8 Special Report: The Congress political party of Assam is all set and prepared for the upcoming 2021 Assam Legislative Assembly Elections. Various speculations and plannings are already in motion for the upcoming election. The Congress party is optimistic and confident about the eradication of BJP Government rule in Assam.

Congress firmly believes that their party will be able to overthrow BJP from their reign in Dispur. Not only that, the Congress party is positive and level-headed that they will entirely annihilate BJP in every constituency of Assam. In a press conference on Wednesday, former Chief Minister of Assam, Shri. Tarun Gogoi was thrilled to announce these facts.

The former Chief Minister also indicted BJP that during their rule a huge amount of mob lynching and freelance killing took place. Recent cases of Sanatan Deka, Rituparna Pegu and Debasish Gogoi are few examples. Tarun Gogoi stated that these killings are perfect examples of BJP Government’s inability to restrain “Law and Order” in the State.
Tarun Gogoi also stated that Modi’s GST has put India’s economy into a stagnant situation and the recent economy of the country is miserable. He also said that BJP are good only for offering promises but in reality all these are just hollow promises.

Tarun Gogoi is confident that in 2021’s Legislative Assembly, the people of Assam will fair and justified reply to all these wrongdoings by BJP Government.

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