Baghjan Fire To Be Killed Soon, OIL Successfully Installs BOP

After 83 days, Oil India Limited has finally succeeded in capping the Baghjan well. Image (Special Arrangements)

Guwahati: After 83 days and three attempts, Oil India Limited has finally succeeded in placing the Blowout Preventer (BoP) stack on the wellhead of Baghjan well 5 on Monday.

According to reports, experts working on to douse the inferno have successfully managed to cap a blowout preventer (BOP) over the well and have removed the Athey Wagon.

It is being reported that the killing operation will be undertaken in 2-3 hours, which may take 24-36 hours.

Confirming it, OIL Spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said, “This is a risky operation but if everything goes right, we will be able to kill the fire within 24-36 hours.”

“We will inject kill fluid and that will be pumped into the well to douse the fire. The operation to kill the fire will begin early in the morning tomorrow,” added Hazarika.

“The well capping operation was initiated this morning [Monday morning] and the capping BOP stack was successfully placed over the wellhead. The 16 studs have also been tightened,” said an OIL official release.

“The preparations for killing operations are on. The BOP and the lines connected to it are being kept cool through continuous spraying of water,” the release stated.

“This was the riskiest operation but the hard work of everyone involved paid in. Let’s hope for the best as we douse the fire,” said an official who didn’t wish to be named.

This successful attempt comes after two failed attempts caused due to technical glitches on July 31 and Aug 10.

The well 5 in Baghjan has been spewing gas uncontrollably since May 27. During an unfortunate operation, the well caught fire on June 9, killing two OIL firefighters.

Last month, three foreign experts sustained injuries during an operation.

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