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Assam Leader of Opposition Wants Full-proof Evaluation Policy

Debabrata Saikia Image Source: Twitter

On Monday, Assam leader of opposition Debabrata Saikia has pursued state chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s intervention in the ‘money for marks’ scam that has shocked the entire state.

On Monday, the leader of the opposition wrote a letter to Sarma and said, “The discovery of the scam has raised concern about the marking system. Therefore, the chief minister must rethink the system and upgrade the students with a proper scientific way of marking. I request the chief minister’s personal intervention to secure the future of the lakhs of students of the state.”

He also added in his letter, “We have also come across news reports that suggest that many schools with no previous results in the first division had several ones this time around. Fingers have also been pointed towards secret understanding between the schools and the board.”

Adding more, Saikia asked that, the entire matter should be given due importance by the CM and the education department, with those associated with the fraud identified and proper punishment meted out to them. Keeping in mind the future of our students, the valuation system should be re-examined. Instead of valuation, we demand that a proper scientific system should be adopted to take the students to the next level.


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