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Assam Govt’s strict action towards lawbreakers: 23 shot at, 5 dead

encounter by Assam police
encounter by Assam police

Incidents of Assam’s Northeast tip to its west take their climax – with the dead ringer of “criminals trying to escape”-“self-defense encounters “and “ attempting to snatch weapons”

Chief Himanta Biswa Sarma took over on May 10, five criminals have died and 23 others were injured in police supervision when they snatched service weapons, tried to attack, and attempted to escape. It has been reported that all of them were held of unlawful acts such as cattle smuggling, rape, and abuse, murder, drug, peddling, etc. This is apart from the deaths of 10 militants in encounters in the last two months.

On pursuing that report, the opposition seems to provoke the matter and the Assam Human Rights Commission takes up the concern issue.


Assam CM said that he stands with the latest act of the government and he won’t bear such crimes at any cause.


On Wednesday and Thursday Assam CM announced to the Assembly that would continue its “zero-tolerance policy” on criminals and that he was ready to face “any kind of criticism”. “My clear instruction (to police) is do not break the law, but within the take extreme action, and the Assam government is going to protect you”.


At its meeting, the conference attended by police officers, the CM stated that there was nothing wrong in police firing being “a pattern” if someone was “ trying to flee”. “Police cannot shoot him in the chest, but shooting at the leg is the law”.

On Assembly Thursday he said that “504 persons have been arrested in the last two months for alleged involvement in cattle-smuggling and only four were injured in police firing”


On assessment, the CM stated that “Sympathy is important, but misplaced sympathy is very, very dangerous”.

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