Assam Enters Pandemic Stage; Another Lockdown Seems Inevitable

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Guwahati: In the past few days, the COVID-19 positive cases in Guwahati city have increased very rapidly. It seems that another lockdown in the city is unavoidable. In the last 10 days, a total of 2,741 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported. Interestingly, none of them have any travel history.

Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday told that another lockdown would be inevitable if the situation continues to worsen.

He further added that the upcoming decision regarding further lockdown will be planned either on Wednesday or Thursday.

On July 4, a total of 777 cases were identified in Guwahati city alone. This is the greatest spike in COVID-19 positive cases in the city till now.

On the following day i.e. July 5, a total of 735 new cases were registered as COVID-19 positive. Out of which 552 were from Guwahati city.

The State Health Minister further added that Guwahati city has now entered the ‘Pandemic Stage’ with 2,741 cases.

He further urged the citizens of Guwahati to be extra cautious in the upcoming days.

On Saturday, the State’s Chief Secretary, Kumar Sanjay Krishna made partial modifications that allowed certain relaxations during the lockdown period. Stand-alone grocery shops are allowed to operate from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM to 4 PM.

Till now, the State has reported a total of 11,736 COVID-19 positive cases.

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