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Assam: Corruption in school sports items; Committees demand probe

Kishore Kumar Baishya alleged for corruption in distribution of sports items
Kishore Kumar Baishya alleged for corruption in distribution of sports items

An allegation has been raised by School Management Development Committees (SMDC) from Boko area that an accountant of the Inspector of Schools (IS) office forcefully gives low quality sports items to the many high schools in Boko area.
It may be mentioned that the Central Government has released a grant of 25 thousand rupees for sports and physical education in the financial year 2020-21.

According to the rule for utilization of the grant, only the head of institution or the SMDC can utilize the grant.
However, many schools have received sports items suddenly and the accountant was forced to receive the items and to pay 25 thousand rupees to the vendor.
The accountant Kishore Kumar Baishya directed all the schools in Kamrup (rural) district through a message in whatsapp that as per decision and instruction by the Inspector of schools, Kamrup, the sports materials, founded by Rashtriya Madhymik Siksha Abiyan (RMSA), Assam for the FY 2020-21, has been restricted by HOI/SMDC under some circumstances.
An Agency has been selected in this time to deliver some quality standard materials in our keen observation in each of the door steps of school in and around the district of Kamrup. HOI are advised to receive the materials, tally the bill and issue the cross cheque to the party with authorized signatories.

corruption in sports items in Assam
corruption in sports items in Assam

After this incident, many schools management committees stated –
“The sports materials were of very low quality. This is a kind of corruption by the accountant under the supervision of the Schools Inspector of Kamrup (rural) district. The zero tolerance government against corruption should stop it. Otherwise, It will destroy the students’ future.”

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