80 people lost their jobs in Lakhimpur

Guwahati, 15th June: 80 people lost their jobs in Lakhimpur district, Assam. All the affected 80 people were employees of Bishwanath Ashok Auto Motors at Nowboicha in Lakhimpur district.
The automobile agency decided to dismiss 80 out of its 144 employees from its service centre. The service centre is located at Lothow, Nowboicha on NH-15.

The employees were paid only 20 percent of their salary and were promised payment of only 40 percent salary from the month of May. Employees were all distraught following the announcement made by the management.

The employees are observing protest for the pay cut since then. Manoj Gogoi, the president of Lakhimpur District Automobile Labour Union also participated in the protest.

In late March 2020, India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment requested private and public organizations not to terminate jobs on the pretext of the pandemic. But the pleas hardly made any difference.

Lakhimpur district labour inspector Mr Prasanna Tayung visited the perturbed employees on Thursday and assured to appease their situation.

The Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) estimated that 12.2 Crore Indians lost their jobs in April due to the lockdown.

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