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‘eSanjeevani’ – Telecom Service Assisting More Than Fifty Lakh Patients Since Covid Pandemic

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In around a little over one year eSanjeevani, the flagship National Telemedicine Service of MoHFW has served more than 50 lakh (more than half a crore) patients.
The ‘Patient to Doctor’ remote consultation services was rolled out by the Union Ministry in April 2020 while the OPDs in the country were closed during the first lockdown.

The eSanjeevani initiative is operational in 31 States and Union Territories in the country. Daily around 40,000 patients across the country are using this contactless and risk-free modality of healthcare services delivery.

There are two modules of eSanjeevani:
eSanjeevaniAB-HWC – the doctor to doctor telemedicine platform- is being implemented at all the Health and Wellness Centers in the country in hub and spoke model under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme of the Government of India. So far, eSanjeevaniAB-HWC has been implemented at 18000+ Health and Wellness Centers and 1500+ Hubs and by December 2022 telemedicine would be operational at 1,55,000 Health & Wellness Centers. eSanjeevaniAB-HWC was rolled out in November 2019 and 22 States have started using this digital modality for far close to around 2 million patients have been extended health services by doctors and specialists. In all over 21,000 users including specialists, doctors, and community health officers have been trained and onboarded on eSanjeevaniAB-HWC.
• The other module of National Telemedicine Service is eSanjeevaniOPD. It has been rolled out in 28 States/UTs. Over 350 OPDs have been set up on eSanjeevaniOPD out of which over 300 of these are specialty OPDs. Over 30,00,000 patients have been served through eSanjeevaniOPD, a free of cost service. This modality of digital health enables delivery of health services to the citizens in the confines of their homes.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the National Telemedicine Service of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare amongst patients and doctors has witnessed rapid and widespread adoption. eSanjeevani has been performing as a parallel stream of the country’s healthcare delivery system that is already over-burdened.

The leading 10 states in terms of adoption (number of consultations) of eSanjeevani are Tamil Nadu (1044446), Karnataka (936658), Uttar Pradesh (842643), Andhra Pradesh (835432), Madhya Pradesh (250135), Gujarat (240422), Bihar (153957), Kerala (127562), Maharashtra (127550) and Uttarakhand (103126).

eSanjeevani consultation
eSanjeevani consultations in 31 states and Union Territories in India Image Source: PIB Twitter

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