Apple Mac Will Soon Use Their Own Chips; says Tim Cook

News Desk:  According to reports the Apple Company has confirmed that it will switch its Mac laptop and desktop computers to its own ARM-based processor.

The announcement was made at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

This means that rather than Intel designed chips, Mac laptops and desktops will now run on the same type of chips as the company’s iPads and iPhones.

Intel issued a public apology to computer makers as the company is facing problems in manufacturing its own designs.

The main challenges that Apple will face are to carry out the changeover smoothly and to convince third-party developers to update their apps.

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple told that the first shipment of Macs with Apple silicon is expected by the end of the year. He also added that it would likely take at least 2 years before its full product line has made the jump.

The company said that this move will allow it to offer new features and also improve the performance and will also make it easier for developers to “write and optimize software for the entire Apple ecosystem”.

Apple stated that it had already developed native versions of its own apps which include Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro. Various apps of iPhones and iPads will also be able to run on computers.

A Brief History Of Silicons Used By Apple:  Apple earlier used IBM-Motolara’s PowerPC. In 2006, Apple successfully switched from IBM-Motorola’s PowerPC processors to Intel’s x86 family.

However, some software was never updated and cannot easily run on today’s Mac computers. Apple then dropped support for running older software under emulation in the 2011 release of the Mac Operating System.

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