An Electric Cremation Machine To Be Soon Operational At Bhootnath

News Desk: The number of people who have died from Coronavirus is increasing day by day. As a result, the state government has taken special steps for the cremation of the dead. The administration has already set up a current cremation machine at Bhootnath crematorium in Guwahati.

However, due to lack of trained personnel, the dead body could not be treated in the machine.

But due to the lack of trained personnel is has yet not become possible to use the machine for cremation. Hence, State Health Minister Piyush Hazarika visited Bhootnath today and said that the machine would be operational soon. People from outside are not being able to come to provide such training for lockdown, although training will be provided through video conferencing in a couple of days. After that, human corpses can be cremated in this machine.

In this case, the Minister for Urban Development Siddhartha Bhattacharya will be requested to take action. In addition, Minister Hazarika visits Ulubari crematorium as well. The Minister was accompanied by the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup District and official from PWD. It is noteworthy that many people in the state have died due to Covid-19.

Thus, the machine has been set up for the purpose of immediate treatment of such persons. Other dead bodies will also be cremated in addition to the persons who died due to COVID.

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