Myth About Diet And Dieting

Rashmi Rekha Sarmah:

The term ‘diet’ is often misunderstood among people nowadays. They confuse diet with fasting, skipping meals, eating less and often depending on eating a single type of food like fruits or salads or having so-called ‘superfoods’ that claims to gain or lose weight in a short span of time which are considered no less than shortcut methods that are harmful in the long run. All these factors make a healthy diet complicated and monotonous which makes it boring and difficult to follow.

A healthy diet is a combination of interesting and genuine facts which makes it easier to follow. To follow a ‘true diet’ one does not need to put pressure on oneself or to be afraid. It is not complicated at all. A balanced diet is capable enough to make you gain or lose weight. All you need to do is to go back to your roots, eat local food that grows in your region, eat traditional foods that you loved eating since you were a child, eat fresh-cooked meals that come from your kitchen, and include different colours of vegetables and fruits in your diet that grows locally in your land.

To lose or gain weight, all you need to do is to understand and avoid food that does not grow in your region, or fruits and vegetables that are not seasonal, not fresh or not prepared in your kitchen. Most importantly, you need not totally depend on the superfoods that claim to do magic alone. Understand that your body functions differently from that of others and its responses to different foods differently, do not follow any random diet which is on-trend because doing so can harm you more than it will benefit, as the requirement of nutrients vary from person to person and this is the reason why a good diet is always individualized and customized based on one’s requirements.

A simple mantra for a healthy balanced diet is adding variety of fresh foods cooked or raw, eating little but frequent meals, eating on time, avoid using gadgets like mobile phones and T.V while eating, and most importantly, love the food that you eat without any guilt or regrets. Do remember one thing, every good thing requires time to bring out the best results.

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Written by Rashmi Sarmah

Rashmi Sarmah is working as a journalist for Headline8. A post-graduate in Mass Communication with specialization in Advertisement and Public Relations from Cotton University.
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