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H8 Fact Check: Viral Video of actor Dilip Kumar circulating as the last video before his death is Fake

Dilip Kumar viral video
Dilip Kumar

Following a prolonged illness, veteran actor Dilip Kumar passed away in Mumbai.
Soon after his death, a video clip went viral on social media platforms. The circulated viral video depicts the actor being fed by his wife Saira Banu on a hospital bed.
Headline8 did a fact check on the video.

Claim –
Facebook page Telly Tashan on July 7 shared a video claiming that it was actor Dilip Kumar’s last video inside Hospital.
The post stated – “Dilip Kumar Last Video Inside Hospital Before He Left Us”
Another YouTube page Bol Bollywood shared the video of the veteran actor being fed Saira Banu.
The video was titled –
“Dilip Kumar Last Video Inside Hospital Before He Left Us
Saira Bano Ji Feeding Him Food”
Another Facebook page Maharashtra Bhushan also uploaded the video of Dilip Kumar.

Here you can see the posts of Bol Bollywood.

Investigation –
Headline8 did a fact check of the viral video and here is what was revealed :
A google reverse image search was done on the viral video of Dilip Kumar that was viral on Social media.
During the investigation it was revealed that the viral video was real. However, the original video was uploaded many years ago in 2013.
The original video was uploaded on September 22, 2013 when the veteran actor was recovering from a heart attack. He was admitted at Lilavati Hospital.
The original video was uploaded on a Youtube channel named MouthShut.

Furthermore, Headline8 also checked the official Twitter page of Dilip Kumar.
His official Twitter handle also shared a video on September 22, 2013.
In the Tweet, he wrote –
“Thank you for your prayers and love. Resting in the hospital. Video from yesterday.”

At the last stage of the investigation, Headline8 also checked the profiles of the above mentioned Facebook and Youtube page.
The Youtube video of Dilip Kumar uploaded in Bol Bollywood page has over 1.44 million views.
The Facebook page Telly Tashan has over 130,000 followers and over 121,000 likes.
Also the Facebook page of media company Maharashtra Bhushan has over 35,000 followers.

Conclusion –
Headline8 after an intense investigation claims that the video of the veteran actor is fake.
The viral video claiming that it is the last video of Dilip Kumar before his death is fake.

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Written by Headline8 Desk


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