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H8 Fact Check: Viral image of BJP leader with mask hanging on foot is True

Swami Yatishwaranand viral image
Swami Yatishwaranand viral image

Recently an image has circulated in various social media platforms showing Uttarakhand Minister Swami Yatishwaranand hanging his facemask on his foot.
Following the viral image, the minister was highly criticized.
A prominent national news daily also wrote an article on the BJP minister’s act.
Opposition party also slammed the BJP minister for not taking Covid 19 protocols seriously.
Headline8 did a fact check on the viral image.

Claim –
Prominent news daily wrote an article on the Uttarakhand BJP leader depicting his negligence of Covid 19 protocols.
Many leaders and workers of the opposition parties have uploaded the viral image of the BJP leader.
Twitter handle of AICC Secretary, Uttarakhand, Qazi Nizamuddin slammed Yatishwaranand stating:
“#स्वामी_यतीश्वरानंद of Uttarakhand #भाजपा Cabinet Minister in Govt.
The ministers of Uttarakhand have proved that they keep both the corona law and the corona in their footsteps.”
AICC member and Uttarakhand State Spokesperson, Garima Mehra Dasauni slamming the BJP party also Tweeted:
“This is the seriousness of the ministers of the ruling party
Invoicing the poor people again.”
Garima Mehra also shared the viral image on Facebook stating:
“Look at the seriousness of Uttarakhand Minister Yatiswaranandji, the foot is wearing a mask and not one in the mouth”
Here you can see the Tweets of Qazi Nizamuddin, Garima Mehra, Naval Kant Sinha and Facebook post of Garima.

Investigation –
Headline8 did a fact check on the viral image and here is what was revealed:
At the initial stage of the investigation, a Google reverse image check was done.
During the search, Headline8 found that the same image has been shared in various pages in Twitter and Facebook.
Headline8 also tried to contact Swami Yatishwaranand but got no positive response from him.

As the final part of the investigation, Headline8 did a check on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the above-mentioned people.
Twitter handle of Qazi Nizamuddin has more than 28,600 followers.
Garima Mehra has 5,205 followers on Twitter.
Naval Kant Sinha has more than 16,300 followers on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Garima has 19,723 followers on Facebook.

After the investigation, Headline8 came to the conclusion that the viral image of Swami Yatishwaranand is True.
In the image, two other cabinet ministers, Subodh Uniyal and Bishan Singh Chuphal were also present.
The two leaders were also not wearing any masks during the indoor meeting with the BJP minister.

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