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H8 Fact Check: Viral Image circulating as Coca Cola ad is Fake and altered

Coca cola fake ad
Coca Cola viral image

Recently an image has circulated in various social media showing a coca cola can with a text written “try to be less white”.
Many have claimed that the viral image is part of Coca Cola advertisement.
Headline8 did a fact check on the viral image.

Claim –
Twitter handle of Frank Thevissen recently uploaded the viral image stating:
“Ok dan; don’t drink #cocacola
Another Twitter handle of Gavin Ashenden also uploaded the viral image stating:
“The next step to taking the knee..”
A Facebook page also uploaded the same viral image of Coca Cola on March 1, 2021.
Facebook user Jon Quinn also wrote:
“Coke: try to be less white!
Me: Nooo!!!”
Also another Youtube profile Lessons 4 Life also uploaded a video relative to the viral Coca Cola image.
Here you can see the posts of Frank Thevissen, Gavin Ashenden and Lesson 4 Life.

Investigation –
Headline8 did a fact check on the viral image and here is what was revealed:
As part of the initial state of the investigation, a Google reverse image search was done.
During the image search Headline8 found that the original image of the Coca Cola can can be traced to an image uploaded by shutterstock on May 14, 2014.

Shutter stock image of Coca Cola
Shutter stock image of Coca Cola

Headline8 also tried to reach out to Coca Cola company via email and is yet to receive a statement from the company.

At the final part of the investigation, Headline8 did a check on the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts of the above mentioned.
Twitter handle Frank Thevissen has more than 5,600 followers.
Gavin Ashenden has about 4,700 followers and was an ex-BBC presenter.
Youtube profile Lesson 4 Life has more than 2,390 subscribers.

Conclusion –
After an intense investigation, Headline8 came to the conclusion that the viral image circulating as a new Coca Cola advertisement is fake.
Coca Cola has never done such an advertisement.
The original image is from a picture uploaded by shutter stock and has been morphed.

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What do you think?

Written by Headline8 Desk


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