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H8 Fact Check: Image going viral as close up view of Human eye is Fake

fake image of human eye
fake image of human eye

Recently a picture went viral on social media different times with the assert that it is a close-up view of a human eye.
Headline8 in its investigation found that the assertion is false.

Claim –
Facebook page Huda Tv recently uploaded an image stating that it is the real image of a human eye.
The post was described as:
“Close-up of a human eye.
So blessed is Allah, the best of creators.”

fake image of human eye
fake image of human eye

The picture was also uploaded on Pinterest by a page named Art station.
Here you can see the posts of Huda Tv and Art station.

Investigation –
Headline8 did a fact check of the viral image and here is what was revealed.
Image 1:
On doing a Google and Yandex image search, Headline8 found that the same photograph was put out on Pinterest by a page name Art Station on 4th March 2021.
In the title, it was introduced that the artwork is a joint project of Eugene Filimonov and Roman Lovygin. Eugene is a Texture Painter and Roman Lovygin, Lead Lookdevand Lighting at Film Direction FX, now working at Texture Painter at Game Dex, Warsaw, Poland.

Realistic picture of human eye
Realistic image of human eye.

Image 2:
On the other side, Pinterest User, JenyaFilimonov, shared the same photograph with a title that reads, “ Realistic Eye by Filimonov / CG Portfolio: Build your online digital art portfolio. Drag and drop upload, viewable on any device, Computer Generated Images”.
The same photograph was also updated by Jenya Filimonov on the Webpage, CG Societies. It is a webpage that hold up and contributes to digital artists worldwide.

Realistic image of human eye
Realistic image of human eye

At the last part of the investigation, Headline8 checked the profiles of the above mention.
Facebook page Huda Tv has more than 590,000 likes
Art station has more than 2 million followers.
Facebook page of Eugene Filimonov has more than 2800 followers.
Meanwhile, Jenya Filimonov has more than 2M followers.

Conclusion –
After the investigation Headline8 found out that the viral image circulating in social media is fake.
It is a digital art work by Eugene Filimonov and not the original photograph of the human eye.

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Written by Headline8 Desk


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