H8 Fact Check: Claim that Eating Raw Onion with Rock Salt Cures COVID-19 within 15 mins is False

A post is being shared on social media where it has been claimed that eating onions with salt can cure the virus within 15 minutes.
Raw Onion Fact Check

With the surge in COVID-19 cases in the country, fake and misleading information about the virus is also becoming viral on social media. A post is being shared on social media where it has been claimed that eating raw onion with rock salt can cure the virus within 15 minutes.

Headline8 did a fact check of the claim and here is what we found out:

 The Viral Post:

One Facebook user Hakim Pujara shared a post that says, “Fifteen minutes after eating raw onions (red dark ones) with rock salt, COVID patients are testing negative this is the truth you should try for yourself…… Whether there is Corona or no Corona keep on eating raw onions with rock salt every day the virus will die in the throat itself….if this benefits you do share it with others.”

The archived link of the post can be seen here.


Our team at Headline8 went through the official website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the matter, but we could not find any information related to it.

We spoke on this to Dr. Kaushik Kataki regarding the claim. He completely rejected the claim.

Also, according to the National Onion Association of America, there is no scientific evidence that raw onion kills germs or rids the air of the poisons.

Headline8 went through the profile of Hakim Pujara who shared the post. The profile has more than 1300 followers.


The claim that consumption of raw onion and rock salt cures coronavirus with 15 minutes is false.

What do you think?

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