Sushant Singh Rajput had ‘50 Dreams’ on his Bucket List

Guwahati: The sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has dealt a huge blow not only to Bollywood actors and fans but also to people from other walks of life. His death reaches fans on social media, it saw an outpouring of affection from fans for the young actor.

Sushant Singh Rajput had also shared his ‘50 Dreams’ on social media soon started going viral. In September 2019, Rajput had posted handwritten notes of the dreams he wanted to fulfill and then posted updates on the ones he managed to achieve.

The late actor dreamt of learning to fly a plane, playing a cricket match left-handed, traveling through Europe by train and sending 100 kids for workshops in ISRO/NASA, the actor’s list was a combination of personal goals and an indication of his giving nature. Sushant also wanted to help train women in self-defense, learn yoga, teach children how to dance, play chess with a champion, and own a Lamborghini.

Rajput documented well on Twitter was his bucket list of ’50 Dreams’. He was so meticulous about it, he penned down all 50 on paper and even tweeted the same in bullet points.

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