Assam Film-Maker Coming Up with New Horror-Fantasy Movie This Winter

Guwahati: Mr. Bhargav Saikia, an Assam filmmaker is all set to come up with a horror movie titled “Bokshi”. Saikia made this announcement through social media on June 15.Bhargav Saikia hails from Assam and is a prominent Assam filmmaker.

He made the announcement of his horror movie on social media with a concept poster delineating a young woman in white dress engulfed in flames with a blood moon emerging on the background. The name of the movie “Bokshi” is written in a very spooky handwriting. Bokshi means a Witch or a woman who practices black magic. In Nepal, there is a myth that a Bokshi sucks blood of other women to harm them.

The original screenplay is written by debutant writer Harsh Vaibhav. The Hindi/English language feature is scheduled to be filmed this winter. Saikia also announced that casting and pre-production activities will be carried out virtually in upcoming months.

Other production of Bhargav Saikia are: The Black Cat(short, 2017); Awakenings (short,2015); Kaafiron Ki Namaaz (2013). Saikia’s fantasy genre short movie “The Black Cat” won the Best Cinematography and Best Music awards at the 2018 Critics’ Choice Short Film Awards.

Bokshi is a horror,fantasy fiction genre and will produced by Lorien Motion Pictures. The plot details is still kept covert.

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